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International Diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland: March 22-April 2, 2023
Students will spend 2 days in Paris and 8 days in Geneva learning about International Relations, International Diplomacy, and the roles of International Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs). Participating students will enroll in PLS 4990-02 (30603) during the Spring Semester 2023. Students will also participate in our own "Amazing-Race" Paris tour. 

Sightseeing in Paris
*The Eiffel Tower
*The Louvre
*Les Champs-Elysees  
*Big Bus Tour

Site Visits in Geneva
*World Health Organization 


*International Organization for Migration
*United Nations High Commission for Refugees 
*International Committee of the Red Cross
*United Nations Office in Geneva
*United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD)

*Open Top Bus Sightseeing Tour
*Chocolate Tasting in Old Town Geneva
*Lake Geneva Cruise

Think about doing your graduate studies here:
*Geneva Graduate Institute  
*International University in Geneva


Approximate Trip Cost:  
The total trip cost is $3,000. Political Science Majors who are selected for this trip will receive at least $1,000 in scholarship funding. Students will pay the remainder of the trip expenses on their own.             

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Renford Reese: