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                                                   Program Agenda
       08:30   Refreshments, Greetings
       09:00   Welcome, Professor Renford Reese, Professor of Political Science, Cal Poly Pomona University
        09:10   Professor Andrea Bianchi, 
Director, Geneva Graduate Institute, "What is International Law and how does it work?" 
       09:30   Professor Lionel Fatton, Webster University: "The Geostrategic Consequences of the Russia-Ukraine War"
  09:50   Professor Dina Ionesco, Webster University: "The Impact of Crisis Events on Migration in the World"
Panel Moderators
       Dr. Kseniya Khovanova-Rubicondo, National Manager of Intercultural Cities Network of Ukraine: Panel #1
       Kenny Butler, Former Los Angeles Gang Member, Current Fulbright Scholar Uganda: Panel #2
       Rachel Sider,  Senior Executive Officer, Interpeace,  Switzerland: Panel
       Mia Miller, Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Undergraduate Journal of Ethics, Policy, and Social Justice: Panel #4
       Jonathan Elias, Residence Life Area Coordinator, Cal Poly Pomona: Panel #5
       Jessica Castillo, Program Coordinator/Instructor, Prison Education Project: Panel #6

       10:10  Panel #1: Geneva-based Students: "What is the Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War on Europe?"
      10:50  Panel #2: Cal Poly Pomona Students: "Why is America so Violent?"
Panel #3: Geneva-based Students: "The Impact of Crisis Events on Migration in Europe"
       12:10  Lunch
       13:10  Panel #4: Cal Poly Pomona Students: "The Donald Trump Effect on American Politics"
       13:50  Panel #5: (Joint Panel): "The Impact of Social Media Addiction on College Students"
       14:30  Panel #6: (Joint Panel): "Random Questions Exchange: Geneva-based Students & Cal Poly Pomona Students"
       15:00 Closing Remarks, Professor Renford Reese


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